How to prevent psoriasis aggravation

Psoriasis is a disease requiring mandatory medical intervention. But prevention of disease aggravation often depends on patients themselves.

Some advice on psoriasis outbreak prevention:

  1. Dry skin aggravates symptoms, that’s why you should use moisturizing lotions and thick oily creams, retaining subcutaneous moisture. Applying cream on affected skin area and wrapping it with a plastic wrap for several hours can help exfoliation.
  2. Be extra careful with a treatment of the skin areas, affected by psoriasis. Don’t try to exfoliate the dead skin flakes by yourself, be aware of cuts and scratches, because any skin trauma can aggravate disease. In case if your scalp is affected by psoriasis, it is recommended to use a tar consisting shampoo, that can help to ease symptoms.
  3. Psoriasis is affected by climate conditions. You should remember, that dry cold weather can cause disease outbreaks. If you are spending a lot of time inside (summer and winter) it is recommended to use air humidifier in the room, to keep your skin moisturized.
  4. Certain medicines can also aggravate psoriasis: propranolol and quinidine, that are prescribed for heart diseases, lithium based medications used for treatment of mental disorders, and etc. Consultation with a doctor is necessary in those cases.
  5. Try to avoid stressful situations, they can also aggravate outbreak.
  6. Try not to overdose alcohol consumption, it can worsen the symptoms, plus it’s incompatible with medicines intake.
  7. Being overweight also won’t help. Diet has to be well balanced and include a good amount of fruit and vegetables. Sometimes the situation can be improved by consuming a lot of dairy and gluten containing foods. You should remember about the importance of physical exercising, and keep your body in a good shape. Also read: 7 Factors to avoid if you have psoriasis

Using UVB-Lamps for psoriasis treatment

It was observed, that psoriasis plaques positively react on ultraviolet light, that slows down skin cells growth. But sunbath should be short and requires using a sunscreen, because tanning is prohibited in condition of psoriasis.

Blue ultraviolet lamp with a short waves (UVB-lamp) is another alternative psoriasis treatment method. It is recommended to use for the patients with a severe stage of disease, when areas of affected skin are massive.

Under the impact of UV-rays cells division is slowing down, a balance of pro- and anti inflammation molecules is being restored, it helps to eliminate the symptoms of illness. Impact of UV-rays on blood vessels increases vitamin D production, and provides restoration of disturbed functions of the organism.

It is important to remember, that UV lamps have not only therapeutic, but also a medicinal effect. With incorrect use (wrong timing, exposition, radiation power) such procedure can be harmful. Recent innovation of several devices made it possible to safely use them at home conditions. But even in this case the consultation with a professional is recommended.

Posted: August 19, 2017 by UVB-lamps Team 1,627
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