Philips Narrowband Lamps for UVB Phototherapy

There are many therapeutic methods and medicines developed for psoriasis treatment, but some percent of patients remain, who are resistant to any type of therapy. That is why the search for new effective treatment methods are in progress. Nearly all patients notice the beneficial effect of light treatments for psoriasis, this effect is based on the positive impact of ultraviolet light, which is part of the solar spectrum.

Use of narrowband UVB-rays

Narrowband ultraviolet (NarrowBand UVB) has been used for approximately 20 years. The latest scientific research proves that UVB-rays of 311 nm + / – 2 nm spectrum creates a pronounced therapeutic effect and their results are comparable with PUVA. If used correctly and habituation is gradual, this spectrum allows minimizing adverse effects: burns, hyperemia, and neoplasms of skin.


To get radiation special gas discharge lamps are used, which are manufactured by Philips Company. The peak of their glow falls exactly on the length of 311 nm. To extract such sub waves special gas and glass coating, which transmits rays of certain length. Biological effects of narrowband rays in case of psoriasis is the local immunomodulatory effect. UV lamps radiation suppress immune cell activity, which attack epidermal cells and promote inflammation and enhanced cell fission of skin cover with occurrence of typical rash. Compact lamps can be used independently, or as a part of treatment complex for curing not only psoriasis, but many other skin conditions – eczema,vitiligo, acne, rosacea etc.

Advantage of method:

  • Local influence is made on affected areas; patient’s body is not irradiated all over.
  • Only external treatment is used without ingestion of dangerous medicines.
  • Owing to influence only within the limits of upper layer of skin cover high safety level is secured.
  • There are no special restrictions in the form of coexisting diseases.
  • The method is distinguished by high efficiency for many forms of psoriasis.
  • Influence of waves with the length of 311 nm is accompanied by minimum amount of side effects.

Posted: November 26, 2013 by Patrick Lowe 1,386
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