Pregnancy and Skin Diseases

Besides the joy, a future mother can experience certain health problems, including an outbreak of chronic skin disease. It is not easy to treat it during pregnancy. Our articles have helpful information on this topic.

Special time of your life

Pregnancy brings so many changes to the female body that they can be compared to a revolution. It influences every system: hormonal, immunity, metabolism, reaction to potential allergens, etc. It is not surprising that women face up more serious health issues besides the morning sickness.

This does not mean that every woman should expect the relapse of diseases. Skin diseases may disappear forever or, at least, during the period of carrying the child, while in others the symptoms get worse.

Treatment of skin diseases during pregnancy gets more difficult. Before prescribing any remedy the doctor should take into consideration the potential risks for the mother and fetus. This also applies to phytotherapy.

Eczema in Pregnancy

The future mother, who has eczema shouldn’t worry since this disease doesn’t affect the baby. Sometimes itching or burning disturbs the well-being or normal sleep of a pregnant woman.  Getting enough rest is very important for the normal course of pregnancy.

Antihistamines, sedatives and local remedies with corticosteroids must be prescribed only by the doctor. Home UVB-phototherapy is safe for the woman and the baby. Of course, the frequency and duration of the procedures must be determined by the doctor. More details about the prevention and treatment of eczema during pregnancy.

Only gentle methods of treating skin diseases are allowed during pregnancy

Pregnancy and psoriasis

In case of psoriasis, you should be more careful. During pregnancy, it either goes into complete remission or manifests a severe aggravation. The relapse can have a negative effect on the baby, because an immune attack occurs throughout the body, not just on the skin. The functioning and blood supply of the placenta is impaired. Psoriasis during pregnancy should be treated.

Vitiligo in pregnant women

White spots on the skin don’t itch and don’t cause any discomfort. Only with the extreme development vitiligo may affect the hearing and vision of the future mother. You should be aware that vitiligo can accompany serious diseases, such as type one diabetes, thyroid and kidney disorders. Metabolic disorders threaten the health of mother and child with serious dangers, so at the first sign of vitiligo, it is recommended to see the doctor right away. What else do you need to know about vitiligo during pregnancy?

Yes, relapse or the first appearance of skin diseases during pregnancy is very unpleasant. The very first thing you have to do is to keep the emotional balance because stress only aggravates the course of the illness and harms the baby. Trust your doctors who are professionally trained to provide you all necessary measures.

Posted: November 25, 2018 by UVB-lamps Team 637
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