Surgical Methods of Vitiligo Treatment

So many methods were invented and tested to cure vitiligo. Unfortunately, none of them can provide a 100% guaranteed result, including Narrowband UVB Phototherapy. Here we will talk about surgical methods of vitiligo treatment. For some people, it can be the only way to cure the disease. The main purpose of the surgical method of vitiligo treatment is to restore the skin color and make it even.

The first thing anyone who notices the appearance of light spots on the body should do is contact the doctor. Why is it so important to treat vitiligo read here: Only a professional specialist is able to provide the correct diagnosis. After that, several simple and sometimes effective solutions can be suggested, such as using cosmetic products. Next is using stronger methods, like ointments or some medicines, or UVB light treatment for vitiligo. If all that doesn’t help, the doctor might suggest surgery as a form of vitiligo treatment.

Surgical methods of vitiligo treatment

  1. Skin transplantation on the damaged areas. This method is used when spots are not too big. It can be very effective during the early stages of the disease. During the surgery, the doctor transplants a healthy area of the skin (with a normal pigmentation), instead of the damaged ones. This method is not recommended for the later stages of vitiligo. The side effects are scaring, the possibility of infection, and skin rejection.
  2. Using special injections. After injecting the drug, a healthy area of the skin forms a blister. The surgeon is inducing a blister by piercing it. The upper layer of the blister is being transplanted to the damaged (decolorized) area. The side effect of the procedure is scarring. But, compared to the other skin transplantation procedures, this method has the fewest negative side effects.
  3. Micropigmentation (or tattooing). During this procedure, which is performed at a specialized clinic, a surgeon injects a pigment to even the skin tone. It is most often used for skin pigmentation. The con of this method is that it’s very difficult to match the pigment accurately with the tone of the patient`s skin. After tanning the pigmented areas, it will be the same color (they just can’t get tanned), and stress can cause new vitiligo locations. Also, you have to keep in mind that result can start disappearing with time since pigment can fade.

Anyway, surgical methods guarantee the result in short period of time.

A perfect method of vitiligo treatment

In order to find an ideal vitiligo treatment method, personal differences and following certain rules should be considered. Any medication can’t stop the disease progress since vitiligo means the inertness of pigment cells.

Recently, light therapy has become very popular. With the help of simple manipulations, which you can even perform at home, without a doctor’s supervision, UV-therapy gradually improves the conditions of vitiligo diagnosed patients. The procedure is also very convenient because you don’t need to buy special medications or stay at the hospital. All you need is one consultation with a doctor and your patience.

Although vitiligo is not considered to be a life-threatening disease, its symptoms are quite noticeable and can cause psychological problems. That’s why apart from the medical treatment, consultation with a psychologist may be needed since they can help to get over the mental issues caused by vitiligo spots.

Posted: December 16, 2017 by UVB-lamps Team 1,244
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