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Chronic skin diseases, fungal infections of skin and nails are not easy to treat. The main thing in fighting them is a combined approach when you apply several effective methods at once. One of the best ones is physiotherapy and, in particular, UVB phototherapy, that has been discovered quite recently.

All about the skin problems and the treatment in one article

It’s hard to fir a big amount of information into one article, but we did it. Now you can easily find the articles and narrow your search to the topic that interests you. Knowledge is power Did you know that our skin weighs about 40 kg, some of its cells

How Does Phototherapy Work?

Phototherapy is a treatment method based on using the light. Sun irradiation has been widely used in medicine for many years already, it has been proven by scientists, that UV-irradiation (especially UVA and UVB light) is very effective in treatment process of some skin diseases. How it works UV-rays are

UVB and skin cancer – is dangerous? The answer appears to be no

Authors: Ben Lebwohl, Harvard College, and John Y. M. Koo, M.D. University of California. Ultraviolet light B, which is recognized as a carcinogen (a cancer-causing agent) in sunlight, consists of wavelengths similar to those administered in UVB phototherapy. Does UVB treatment increase one’s risk of developing malignant melanoma or other

How is vitiligo treated? Is the treatment any good?

These are the two questions usually asked by people with vitiligo because this illness affects one’s life really hard. Even those who know that it’s just a non-contagious skin disease, feel uncomfortable even just shaking hands with its victims. Vitiligo is a bane of normal social life, besides, it can’t

Philips Narrowband Lamps for UVB Phototherapy

There are many therapeutic methods and medicines developed for psoriasis treatment, but some percent of patients remain, who are resistant to any type of therapy. That is why the search for new effective treatment methods are in progress. Nearly all patients notice the beneficial effect of light treatments for psoriasis,