UVB Phototherapy Lamp for VitiligoUVB Phototherapy for Vitiligo

Vitiligo UVB Lamp

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Home UVB vitiligo phototherapy

Today we have a perfect solution for skin diseases like vitiligo – UVB phototherapy. It’s a way of treatment, proven to be effective and available for everyone. In addition UVB lamp vitiligo treatment is a solo cure that doesn’t need any other medicine to take effect. When the treatment is complete, the UVB sun lamp may be used to maintain the positive effects without any difficulties. Modern devices are easy to use at home, so anyone can deal with their skin problems while not spending extra time on that.

To start the treatment you should expose the affected skin areas to Narrow Band 911 Nm UVB light for a short time. The procedure should then be repeated daily or as prescribed by the doctor. Usually takes from two to three weeks to see visible positive results of UVB vitiligo lamp treatment.

General facts on UVB vitiligo treatment

Narrowband UVB lamp skin disease treatment is now considered one of the most effective therapies by the whole medical community. Its practical efficiency slightly higher than 92% and there were no cases of failure. Ideal for taking control of Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Chronic Eczema, Scalp Dermatitis and similar skin conditions

To achieve full effects of the therapy, exposure time should increase gradually from the minimum of 30 seconds to the maximum of 1 minute. There’s a point of the most beneficial treatment somewhere in between, and the patient should find it. So, the scheme is easy – minimum exposure time on daily basis for the full effect.

There are just two basic rules that you shouldn’t break:

  • Treat only the disease affected area
  • Don’t apply the therapy for more than two weeks without breaks


Handheld UVB Phototherapy Lamp
Included Special Medical Philips UVB bulb 311 nm (model : PL-9 9W/01/2P over 1000 operation hours)

  • High quality and much more affordable than other similar lamps
  • Suitable for all body and scalp treatment
  • Wide treatment area: 5 cm x 15 cm (2″ x 6″)
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to use
  • Safe and very effective. Ideal for Home therapy

Technical Parameter:

  • Output wave UV-B 311nm
  • Power output: approx 3.5 mw per sq cm at about 1″ (2.5 cm)
  • Working Condition: Temp: 5~40°C, RH: ≤85%
  • Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa
  • Effective Distance: 3cm
  • Weight (without power cable): 300 g (10 oz)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 320 x 50 x 45 mm (12.6″ x 2″ x 1.7″)
  • Rated power: 50 VA
  • Power supply: 110/60Hz or 220V/50Hz


  • 1 x Box
  • 1 x Handled UVB Phototherapy Lamp (KernelMed)
  • 1 x Medical PHILIPS™ UVB bulb 311 nm: model – PL-9 9W/01/2P
  • 1 x Hair brush adapter
  • 1 x UV glasses
  • 1 x Power Adapter 110-120V or 220-240V
  • 1 x Manual
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