About Us

Our company is located in Richmond County, NY, and incorporated in 2010, we are a small business with offices in New York and New Jersey working directly with the manufacturer Kernel Medical Equipment of the UVB phototherapy products in our online store.

As the longest USA-based seller of Kernel products, our years of experience and relationship with the manufacturer put us in a unique position to bring these lamp products to our customers quickly, and cost efficiently. Our NY warehouse is always stocked with ample inventory of 110v handheld models, which we personally assemble with genuine Philips bulbs on an order-by-order basis. Every UVB device with genuine Philips bulbs undergoes strict quality testing. Due to the highly fragile nature of our products, the UVB devices are securely fitted into custom-made foam inserts.

Our online store works 7 days per week to bring exceptional customer service to our customers – through phone and email support, processing orders, product assembly and testing, and shipping.

For international customers (anyone outside the United States), depending on where the order is shipping to, we will have the product shipped from either our warehouse or direct from the manufacturer — whichever location results in the fastest delivery. Please visit our shipping page for detailed information.

While we are not a medical facility, some members of our staff provide us with a beneficial perspective that helps drive our business because they, like you, have a real-life personal understanding of chronic, lifelong skin disorders such as psoriasis.


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