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    Studies have shown that 92.7% of patients report positive results after 1 month of treatment.

    Treatment of Psoriasis & Vitiligo with UVB 311nm Narrow Band Phototherapy.

    Without medication!
    Non-addictive and minimal potencial side offects.

    The devices are certified and used in USA and EU clinics.


    Light UVB Phototherapy Has Been Proven Effective

    A safe solution based on solar power, known since the time of antiquity, embodied in modern medical equipment

    • Since ancient times solar power has been used in treatment of skin diseases. In 1898 there was an emphatic rebirth of light therapy.
    • Various investigations helped in finding a safe range of spectrum for the effective treatment of diseases without causing side effects. The medical treatment was called “UVB Phototherapy”.
    • The treatment effect is based on the use of narrow band UVB light at the 310 – 315 nm emitting a peak of 311nm. The UVB Narrow band Phototherapy does not cause side effects, including melanoma.
    • The manufacturer of the equipment is Kernel Med Co., the OEM partner of Philips. They have been producing the devices since 1997. The UVB bulbs manufacturer, Philips is the world’s largest manufacturer of medical equipment. The bulbs are certified in the USA and the EU.

    Diseases Treated
    With UVB Phototherapy Are:

    • psoriasis
    • vitiligo
    • atopic dermatitis
    • seborrheic dermatitis
    • lichen acuminatus
    • eczema
    • ichthyosis
    • dermatosis
    • alopecia areata
    • local neurodermatitis
    • Gibert's disease
    • mycosis fungoidea
    • solar urticaria
    • other skin diseases (Clarify with your doctor)

    We strongly recommend consulting with your doctor before starting uvb phototherapy.

    Portable UVB Lamps are More Affordable
    Than Inpatient Treatment

    Inpatient treatment program will cost approximately $65,000.
    Our Home UVB Phototherapy Lamp Device prices start at $270, with the same results as clinic treatment
    (* only your doctor can determine an effective dosing schedule for your skin disorder)


    Clinical remission and improvement of the general well-being is achieved in 92.7% of patients.

    For some individuals, clearer, more normal looking skin is visible after one week of irradiation with the UVB source.

    UVB treatment does not require the use of additional medicines, and is non-addictive.

    UVB 311nm is considered as a safe and therapeutic light source for skin disorders when used under the direction of a doctor.

    The treatment does not include the intake of photosensitizing compounds; the side effects are related only to the effect of ultraviolet radiation.

    The devices and UVB lamps
    are certified by the FDA and CE



    Philips OEM partner

    ISO 9001



    Did you know?

    Our UVB lamps are equipped with Philips bulbs. Philips is a world leader in medical research and medical equipment industry.

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    By Purchasing This Product, You Acknowledge That:

    • You are 18 years of age or older.
    • You will consult with a doctor before starting UVB Phototherapy.
    • Only a doctor can determine an appropriate dosing schedule for your skin disorder.
    • uvb-lamps.com cannot advise you about phototherapy treatment.
    • Please do not contact us for medical advice. We are not a healthcare organization, and are not authorized to consult you regarding UV lamp treatment.


    Yes, the US FDA has approved the products we sell for distribution in the US (FDA K132643).

    Yes, this fact is confirmed by scientific studies. UVB 311nm Phototherapy regulates immune responses, normalizes a balance between inflammatory and anti-inflammatory factors on the affected area of the skin. It also suppresses excessive division of cells, eliminates itching and stimulates Vitamin D production. Up to 92.7% of all users of the certified Philips UVB devices and lamps attest to the effectiveness of this type of treatment.

    UVB lamps do not cause long-term or serious side effects. Short-term side effects may include dry skin and redness. The symptoms are not long-lasting and usually heal in 2 hours.

    If you are not satisfied with your UVB lamp device, we accept returns within 30 days of purchase. The product should have no defects and signs that it has been used. If you are exchanging your UVB lamp device due to damage during shipment, please, email us at the following address support@uvb-lamps.com, and provide us with your order number and tracking number. The UV lamp will be exchanged for free.
    For more information, please, refer to RETURN POLICY.

    You need UV goggles to protect your eyes during the treatment procedure. Ultraviolet rays have harmful effects on eyes; do not use the UVB lamps without ANSI-rate UV goggles. If you are having more intensive therapy, dermatologists recommend using creams. It is recommended that you use creams after the light treatment procedure. Please consult with your doctor.

    We would be happy to advise you on the technical characteristics of the UV lamps, and on any questions related to shipping and payment issues. We are not authorized to consult you regarding your treatment. Please, ask your doctor whether a UVB phototherapy is appropriate for your skin condition, and for dosage recommendations.

    The UVB Lamps we sell only use Philips UVB bulbs. Philips rates the normal life of the bulb for 2500 hours; For the best effect of therapy the manufacturer recommends replacing the UVB bulb after 350 hours of use. You can have purchased additional UVB bulb Philips, with a discount.

    Try UVB Therapy and Change Your Life Forever

    Narrowband ultraviolet-b therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat skin diseases:

    of patients report positive results after 1 month of treatment

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