10 Methods That Help to Fight Psoriasis at Home

It is human nature to believe different rumors and myths. Even if some treatment methods are not scientifically proven, some people insist that they are “helping”. We decided to tell you about ten really effective methods that are going to help in improving the condition of psoriasis. However, it is important to remember that they can’t replace therapy that was prescribed by your doctor. To avoid disappointment and regress, we recommend that you talk to your doctor first, before proceeding to some of those measures.


Foods rich in fish oil help to reduce inflammation, including psoriasis. Omega-3 is a popular vitamin supplement ingredient. It is very beneficial for our health in many ways, and there is only one contraindication: it is not recommended to combine fish oil with blood diluting medications.


Stress is one of the factors, which can aggravate psoriasis, which is why it is important to avoid it. One of the best ways to get rid of stress is with a massage. It is especially effective for patients who suffer from psoriatic arthritis. You have to be very careful choosing a massage specialist and the products that are going to be used during the procedure. More details.

Massage, yoga


Yoga lessons are recommended with psoriatic arthritis. Even 20 minutes of yoga per day can help to control disease aggravations by fortifying muscles and joints, and by creating a relaxing effect. You can do yoga by yourself at home or in the park, or you can take group lessons where the instructor will help you to learn and perform the exercises correctly.


A balanced diet plays an important role in the lives of people who have psoriasis. It is considered that a gluten-free diet can improve the conditions. Studies have proven that by excluding gluten from the diet, you can decrease the risk of psoriasis outbreaks.


Turmeric has many healing properties. It is one of the ingredients in curry, mustard, and some types of cheeses. Turmeric can reduce inflammations. Even if it hasn’t been scientifically proven, some psoriasis patients confirm the receding of their symptoms after including turmeric in their meals daily.


Drinking plenty of water is a universal method for fighting many health problems. The human body is 90% water, which means you have to constantly keep this balance. Regular drinking water has many important effects, including skin moisturizing, which is so important for people who suffer from psoriasis.

Dead Sea minerals

People with psoriasis have noticed that their skin condition significantly improved after swimming in the Dead Sea. But the majority of them can’t afford to live near the sea shore all year long, and it’s quite a difficult decision. That’s why you can use special mineral salt for baths as a form of therapy, and UVB-lamps as a form of treatment to replace sunlight.


Tea tree

Tea tree leaves have been used for skin disease treatment for many centuries, including treatment of psoriasis. Tea tree oil is good for the removal of dead skin cells. Despite the good reviews, it is recommended to ask your trichologist before you start using it because the oil can cause an allergic reaction and aggravate psoriasis symptoms.

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are rich in fiber and antioxidants, which is very beneficial not only for psoriasis, but for many other disorders. By consuming enough fresh produce, you can easily control your weight and not overeat, which will improve your health in general.

Shark cartilage

This method is not scientifically proven, but many patients notice the improvement after using shark cartilage. You can buy it as a powder, but it won’t be the cheapest way of treatment at home. If you have diabetes, then this method is not for you. Consult your doctor to make the right decision, and avoid the negative consequences.

Posted: January 18, 2018 by Rachel Snow 26,498
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