8 Easy and Quick Tips to Calm and Sooth a Dry Skin

Dry skin gets easily irritated, with possible blushes and flakes.This type of skin is more vulnerable to a number of skin conditions, such as eczema. Those conditions might deprive the skin’s natural defense, and it loses moisture. Don’t get upset. Some simple rules will help you maintain healthy and moisturized skin.

Warm and quick showers

Water is very good for dry skin, but only when it’s not hot. Hot water removes the natural lipid film from the skin, causing it to lose more moisture.

It’s better to take a warm, quick shower or bath: 5–10 minutes should be enough.

Gentle cleaning

Choose a mild soap without fragrances and antibacterial components. Cleansers with ceramides are also good for dry skin. Ceramide is a type of fat that helps to protect the skin. Cosmetics with synthetic ceramides can fill the lack of a natural barrier. This is a good solution for not only dry, but also for aging skin, since the body reduces ceramide production over time.

Do not use lotions, peelings, or other products which contain alcohol. If peeling is required, choose a mild one without any fragrances. The procedure should be done gently without any pressure and for not too long. Dry skin can be “over peeled” pretty easily. Vigorous peeling will irritate the skin and make it rough in response to the aggressive procedure.

Proper shaving

Shaving can become torturous for dry skin because the blade removes not only the hair, but also the protective lipid film. For a perfect shave without cuts, it is better to remove hair from steamed skin. Use a soft foam, cream, or shaving gel without flavors or alcohol, and remove hair in the direction of growth.

No alcohol

It is very important for the blade to be sharp. Change the blades often, and clean them well with alcohol when reused. A dull or littered blade cuts the skin more than it removes hair, leaving cuts and micro-traumas.

Care and nourishment are very important for the skin

Gently wipe your skin with a towel after your take a shower or bath, but don’t leave it too dry. Apply your favorite moisturizer right after – it will be a “trap” for moisture, which your skin has already absorbed. The same rule applies to your hands to avoid dryness.

Do not let your wet body dry up on its own: evaporating water will take moisture from the skin with it. Use a special moisturizing product (just like with a cleanser, it’s better to look for cosmetics with a minimal number of additives).You can even use regular Vaseline – it is also quite effective. Make-up for dry skin should include ceramides, shea butter, stearic acid, or glycerin.

Natural remedies

During the day or after a shower, you can use natural vegetable oils. Those so-called “base” oils have a great soothing effect: oil of wheat germ, grape seed, almond, coconut, olive, and jojoba. It is preferable to use virgin oils and make sure that you are not allergic to the product first (you can apply a small amount on a tiny patch of skin on the back of the wrist to check the reaction).

Add a drop of essential oil to the massage oil. Oils of lavender, chamomile, carrot seed, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood are perfect for dry skin.

Skin care

Another great natural remedy for dry skin is aloe vera gel. You can make it yourself from a houseplant.

It is also not difficult to make cosmetic ice for a morning face and neck treatment. You can freeze clear water, or preferably milk, with an infusion of chamomile or another soothing plant. A cube of this ice will provide a gentle washing, moisturizing, and cryomassage. Right after this procedure, wipe your skin gently and apply a nourishing cream.

Sun protection

The sun causes severe damage to the skin, contributing to dryness, the appearance of wrinkles, and other cosmetic defects.

To minimize the harmful effect of the sun, use a sunscreen with a level of protection of at least SPF 30 all year round, and a lip balm with SPF 15 during the cold seasons.

Avoid being in the sun from 12 to 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and cover your face, ears and neck with wide-brimmed hats. Wear light shirts with long sleeves that cover your body and arms.

Don’t overdress during the winter

If you are dressed too warm, then you will be sweating, which will irritate your skin. It is better to wear multi-layered, breathable clothing with a windproof top to feel comfortable.

Humidify the air

Air conditioners or heating appliances steal moisture from your skin. The easiest way to solve this problem is to purchase an air humidifier for the bedroom and an inexpensive hygrometer. For a comfortable skin condition, it is sufficient to achieve a humidity level of 50%.

Take care of your dry skin by following these simple rules. Your skin will stay healthy, young, and beautiful for a long time.

Posted: February 8, 2018 by Rachel Snow 1,118
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