9 Ways To Keep Eczema Under Control

Allergic conditions, dryness, and high skin sensitivity are often accompanied by eczema. This disease tends to disappear and reappear under the impact of favorable and negative factors. However, it is entirely within your power to reduce the number of aggravations and make the interval between them longer.

Stick to the diet

Your doctor will help you choose a diet which won’t cause an annoying, itchy rash. Giving up unwanted products for good will make your life with eczema much easier.

Use less soap

In order to not over dry your skin, try using soap only on especially contaminated areas. Use gentle soap, such as a liquid one with glycerin. Deodorizing soap is not good for you. The best solution is a natural soap without chemical additives.

Apply moisturizer right after shower

After you take a shower or bath, just gently wipe your skin with a towel. Apply a generous amount of cream to your slightly wet skin. By doing so, you will save the water that the skin cells have absorbed during the shower.

Travel size containers for trips

Stock up with small bottles of your favorite moisturizer so that you can always have it with you. You can take care of your hands after each wash at work, at the mall, on a trip, or at a picnic.


Gentle Cosmetic products

Use only hypoallergenic, organic, and natural cosmetics (only from trusted manufacturers) for your make-up and skin care. It should be with minimal perfumes, dyes, preservatives, and other ingredients, which can cause an eczema outbreak.

Safe laundry

Choose a mild detergent that rinses well, and run a double rinse. It is better to completely avoid fabric conditioners because they contain strong artificial scents.

Use gloves to do chores

Try to minimize your hand’s contact with water, household chemicals, and dust. Since hands tend to sweat in rubber gloves, and, as we know, eczema “loves” sweat, just wear cotton gloves under the rubber ones.

Try to stay calm and avoid stress

You can find a hobby or exercises that you like, and of course, they should be calming and relaxing. Yoga is the perfect way of achieving a mental balance. Even watching fish swim in an aquarium can have a beneficial effect on your general condition.

Using UVB lamps

Try new medical innovations. Compact UVB lamps allow you to control complicated diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and vitiligo. After consulting with a doctor, you can perform the procedure at home.

If the aggravation took over, doctors usually recommend to take a warm bath or a shower for 10-20 minutes once or twice a day to moisturize the skin (interesting, that in the past, contact with water was forbidden). If you have severe inflammation and itching, applying a cream with hydrocortisone might help. But if the itching doesn’t let you sleep, and the cream didn’t work, or the eczema is opened and oozing – it is definitely time to see the doctor.

Posted: February 3, 2018 by UVB-lamps Team 1,032
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