How Does Phototherapy Work?

Phototherapy is a treatment method based on using the light. Sun irradiation has been widely used in medicine for many years already, it has been proven by scientists, that UV-irradiation (especially UVA and UVB light) is very effective in treatment process of some skin diseases.

How it works

UV-rays are very effective for treating skin irritations of different origins. There are two types of UV light therapy narrowband and broadband that are being used for treatment. UVA and UVB rays have the exactly needed spectrum, which allows to get rid of different skin diseases and at the same time to avoid a negative effects of radiation. Combination of UV-therapy with a Psoralen provides a good result.

In order to achieve the best result of the treatment the process used to be an ambulatory care, including sessions of radiation twice a week. Full treatment course included from fifteen to thirty sessions. This number depended on each individual case and the disease stage.

Phototherapy helps skin diseases

Today there is no need to take a treatment course as an ambulatory care. Now the market suggests several portable devices, which allow you to get an effective treatment at home, because using of UV narrow band light therapy, doesn’t require and special medical skills. Even though, you will have to consult a professional doctor from time to time.

What you should know about the procedure

Using UV therapy you should avoid:

  • Sunlight
  • Using medications increasing light sensitivity
  • Eating fruit rich in vitamin C
  • Using perfumes and aroma essential oils

Ambulatory care provides a testing radiation before the beginning of the course, to see the skin reaction to the ultraviolet. After consulting the doctor, you can proceed to deciding on the appointments schedule and setting the best time for the treatment.

Phototherapy is used for treating many diseases, like vitiligo, eczema, psoriasis etc. It helps to control the disease in winter, when aggravations are the most common. According to previous experience sometimes it’s not possible to cure diseases completely. But you can keep the conditions under control using a portable devices at home.

Phototherapy types

There are different types of light therapy:

  • Red (infrared) – to treat the wrinkles,
  • Blue – used for acne treatment,
  • Amber spectrum – for treatment of couperose and other stagnant diseases,
  • Platinum is used for rejuvenation,
  • Green spectrum – is good for the owners of freckles and sun damaged skin.

All types of the phototherapy are effective, and with a help of modern lamps you can not only regulate the radiation amount, but also have a treatment sessions at home.

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