How to get rid of psoriasis? Beating the undefeatable foe

Dermatologists often become very rich, because they never run out of patients to treat. Most skin illnesses are believed to be highly improbable to cure once and for all. But are they really that incurable? Or do the doctors just suck money out of the patients’ pockets? Here are a few weighted thoughts about this.

First of all, let’s take psoriasis (read more about How to stop psoriasis – a once deadly illness. Never heard of it being that dangerous? Well, of course, no one was actually killed by the disease itself, but in the medieval times you’d be considered a witch’s child, born in cooperation with the devil, which is clearly seen by the state of your skin. As a result – the diseased would be burned at stake to “save” the poor soul.

Of course, today we know psoriasis to be just a skin illness, not even slightly contagious. Though, some research suggests that there may be a way to get “infected” and there are some microorganisms that may be the cause of psoriasis, but there’s no 100% certainty yet. Our mission is to deliver facts only.


Yes, you can’t get rid of psoriasis completely – sad but true. This disease is virtually a genetic flaw, so modern science can’t cure it completely yet. The good news is – you can render the symptoms literally unseen.


Anyone can treat psoriasis at home, without spending loads of money on doctors and clinical treatment. As you may have heard – UV light is the real way to stop the growth of psoriatic skin and even normalize the look. The main idea is the right application of UVA and UVB radiation, to avoid grave consequences. With improper exposure time or too frequent application, you may suffer an illness far worse than psoriasis itself.


Ultra Violet radiation treatment is not a panacea and is somewhat hazardous. When applied improperly, it can cause skin cancer. That’s exactly why UVA and narrowband UVB lamps for home usage have timers and comprehensive manuals. There’s almost no chance to get a melanoma with those if you follow the usage rules to the letter. In any way – the whole idea of home psoriasis treatment is based on the ill person’s responsibility.

As you can see – there’s really no need to say that the doctors try to get rich on your dough. Some of them would even recommend home treatment, so you may be sure that it’s an effective way to deal with your problem. Using UVB light in clinic is considered to be completely safe, when at home this procedure becomes your personal responsibility.

Posted: May 19, 2014 by Sarah Senton 1,321
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