Stress and Eczema: How to Control a Disease

Every day we are in a hurry to get things done. We worry we dream, we strive. Whether it’s about domestic chores or problems at work, searching for love or losing the loved ones. All our actions and failures affect our emotional, physical and mental states. Stress affects our health, causing many visible and hidden diseases. One of them is eczema.

About 10% of the world’s population suffers from eczema. Most often it affects women and children.This part of humanity is more emotional, receptive and vulnerable to stressful conditions. First symptoms of the disease can occur most often (up to 85%) among children under five years old.

Doctors and their patients suffering from eczema agree that inflammation and unpleasant itching increase during a stressful situation. The excitement and emotions will go away pretty quickly, but their outcome can be a disease aggravation, and it’s not so easy to eliminate. Therefore, it is better to prevent it than to treat later. How can we do it? One of the solutions is to learn how to control your emotions, feelings, and mindset.

Get rid of stress and eczema

It is possible to prevent relapse by learning how to control the disease.It can be done not only by balancing your diet and by studying the interaction of the skin with chemicals, but also by changing your attitude to life in general. Various medications that are acceptable for atopic dermatitis treatment can cause depression. As a result, your life just passes by. Eczema is not a verdict. The most amazing thing is that if you are enjoying your life disease symptoms are decreasing.So, how to overcome our stresses and reduce inflammation?

A good sleep is one of the most straightforward and meaningful ways to get rid of stress. The fast rhythm of our life doesn’t always allow us to give enough time for sleep because we have to catch up on everything. Therefore, it is important to learn how to plan your day and take care of unplanned situations with calmness and smile.

Warm relationships with your loved ones. Try to make people around you to understand your disease and feelings. Constant itching and burning create a stressful situation involuntarily. Patients scratch, tear the skin, and negative emotions are taking over. Stress is a vicious circle. At this moment it is your friends and family who will be able to distract you from unpleasant sensations.They can support you, invite you somewhere and just cheer you up.

Communicate with others who have the same problem. It helps to understand that people live and enjoy their life even with such a diagnosis as eczema. Each of them will be able to tell you his story of fighting the disease, share various ways of reducing the rashes or give advice on treatment.

Exercising should become a daily routine for a person suffering from eczema. It can be walks, outdoor games or yoga.Physical exercise is the best way to get rid of stress and as a result, reduce dermatitis symptoms. Scientists have proved that during sport, our brain releases chemicals that help us to fight anxiety.
Hobby. When you occupy your mind and hands with something interesting, then thoughts about eczema or itching are going away.

Eliminate stress from your life. Try to enjoy every moment. Learn how to appreciate the morning sun or evening rain, uninvited guests or success at work. There is something beautiful in every event. You will be able to learn to control stress and understand that it’s not difficult. Manage your emotions and behavior, and this will greatly benefit your life.

Posted: February 28, 2018 by UVB-lamps Team 1,369
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