What Foods Can Aggravate Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a type of skin disease. It is characterized by dyschromia– intense discoloration of the epidermis, that looks like an appearance of colorless spots. Vitiligo is difficult to confuse with anything else, it has specific symptoms and is easily recognizable. Science has not figured out what causes it yet, although there have been some hypotheses.

Several factors were revealed after observing a large number of patients.

Potential risk group includes:

  • People whose relatives have vitiligo.
  • Women (the percentage among them is higher, but it doesn’t mean that men don’t suffer from vitiligo).
  • Long-lasting stress and constant fatigue of the nervous system.
  • Sunburn.
  • Imbalanced diet.

Speaking about diet, it is important to understand that food itself can’t cause vitiligo, but some products can trigger an aggravation.

Because it isn’t known yet what exactly causes vitiligo, it is necessary to consider all possible factors.


Foods that can be possible vitiligo triggers

Try to reduce the consumption of dairy products, blueberries, quinces, chocolate, horseradish, mayonnaise, margarine, butter, semolina, papaya, dates, grapes, and citrus fruits. It’s better to avoid sour, spicy, fatty foods. Be careful with sweets that are made from cream. Strong coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages are not recommended.

According to the statistics, a lot of smoked food can also aggravate vitiligo as well as bakery products. Doctors also advise being careful with canned foods.

Does it mean that you need to limit yourself? Of course no. With vitiligo, it is extremely beneficial to eat foods containing copper (legumes, mushrooms, seafood, leafy vegetables, pineapples, fish, etc.). You can replace sugar with honey. Try to eat seaweed, all kinds of greens and cereals.

The list of products that might trigger vitiligo is not a verdict. And this list does not mean that you need to completely abandon the mentioned food, which is also almost impossible. Just try to pay closer attention to your diet.

Posted: March 11, 2018 by UVB-lamps Team 2,248
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