All about the skin problems and the treatment in one article

It’s hard to fir a big amount of information into one article, but we did it. Now you can easily find the articles and narrow your search to the topic that interests you. Knowledge is power Did you know that our skin weighs about 40 kg, some of its cells

What Is The Difference Between Nail Psoriasis and Fungal Infection

Our hands can tell about the lifestyle we live, habits we have, and most importantly, about the state of our health. Changes in the nail structure can be a sign of numerous diseases that are difficult to determine. Let’s talk about the differences between nail psoriasis and fungal infection, or

Nail Fungus Treatment with Phototherapy

There are many types of nail diseases that everyone has experienced at least once during their life. Some of them are quite complicated and difficult to cure, while others are harmless. The good news is that medicine is constantly developing, and new treatment methods appear constantly, one of them is