Nail Fungus Treatment with Phototherapy

There are many types of nail diseases that everyone has experienced at least once during their life. Some of them are quite complicated and difficult to cure, while others are harmless. The good news is that medicine is constantly developing, and new treatment methods appear constantly, one of them is UVB narrowband phototherapy which is getting very popular.

Fungus can be cured with the right treatment method

Nails affected by fungal infection are one of the most unpleasant situations, even though it’s quite common. Treatment can vary in any particular case, depending on the stage of the disease.

In some cases, natural remedies can be all that is needed, while in others, only medications can help. But in any case, only the doctor can diagnose the disease correctly and suggest the right treatment.

Usually, the mild form of a disease can be treated with medicines. If they are not helping, the next step is laser treatment, infrared or ultraviolet irradiation, in combination with medicines prescribed by the specialist, depending on the individual case.

UVB nail

With the correctly chosen method, any treatment will bring the desirable result. The choice depends on how quickly you want to recover and your financial opportunities. Various creams and ointments are cheaper, compared to the laser therapies, which bring much quicker results and are absolutely safe.

The stage of the disease can be determined only by the specialist, who will calculate the exact number of irradiation sessions and prescribe the necessary medications. The procedure won’t bring any pain or discomfort. It lasts about 30 minutes and removes the fungus completely.

Today, UV-lamps have become available for everyone, so you can buy them any time you need to use them at home. In order to avoid fungus, you should treat your shoes. It has been proven that the best way to do this is with UV light. If you don’t have a special lamp, it`s enough to let your favorite sneakers stay out in the sun. UV-light helps to control even very serious diseases, like psoriasis (more details here: Straight sunlight can be used not only for shoe cleaning, but also on the tools or conditioning system disinfection.

UV therapy is the best choice for nail treatment

Skin therapy with light is not only one of the most effective treatment methods, but also one of the most popular. By using any medication, cream, or ointment, you can damage the nail plate, which is not possible during light therapy. Also, there is no chance for the infection to return, since the light destroys fungal spores. It is scientifically proven that ultraviolet light can destroy spores and harmful bacteria.

Fungal nail problems are not life threatening diseases, but they bring discomfort, itchiness, nail deformation, and self-esteem issues. That’s why it requires treatment in order to not make the situation worse and to prevent it from infecting the entire foot. You have to realize that self-treatment can be dangerous, especially if the disease is already in a complicated state. You should immediately contact your doctor if you notice the first signs of fungus. Otherwise, there is no guarantee for successful recovery. Like with other skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis, it brings a lot of discomfort to the people who suffer from them.

Posted: January 4, 2018 by UVB-lamps Team 10,120
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