How to Treat Acne with Phototherapy

About 85% of teenagers suffer from acne, 15% of them in severe form. More often it’s a problem for teenagers, but some people experience acne at an older age. In any case, the disease looks unattractive and affects social life and self-esteem. So what is acne and how can it be dealt with?

Acne is a chronic skin condition that has to do with sebum overproduction. Usually it starts at the age of puberty or at a more mature age – a big number of people suffer from it. The cause of acne isn’t completely known yet. There are many theories: that it caused by bacteria, clogged pores, hormonal imbalance – but scientists haven’t come to a single agreement. During this time, it became clear that the disease is not infectious and it can be cured.

Acne treatment

There are several methods for fighting acne, but one of the most successful is considered to be ultraviolet therapy. When choosing the best treatment method, the main factors to consider are the side effects and effectiveness. That’s why when you decide between using medications, which can have a negative impact on the liver, and UV therapy, the last one is preferred.

This type of treatment is considered to be the most safe and effective. Unlike medications and the other methods, light therapy has almost no side effects.

UVB is a safe

How does UV therapy work?

Skin phototherapy is a course of regular ultraviolet irradiation sessions, which are much more effective than traditional benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. The impact of radiation opens the pores and kills the bacteria which cause the overproduction of serum. UV therapy is effective method of acne treatment. UVB therapy helps in fight against vitiligo, eczema, nail fungus and some other forms of dermatitis. Today compact UVB lamps help to treat those diseases without leaving your home

Treatment results

Today, no one specialist can guarantee 100% recovery from acne, because it depends on the individual abilities of the body. The severity of the disease, skin type, and the methods that are used influence the result. You can see the first visible improvements after the third session of UV therapy, and within a month, the results will become obvious. The skin is changing the structure. Acne and inflammation disappear.

For the most effective treatment, you should follow all the doctor’s recommendations about skin care. If the treatment was interrupted, then the result might be never achieved. Any treatment requires the complete following of the doctor’s prescribed recommendations (treatment protocol), which are directed to receive the best results. Acne is no exception. You should carefully follow your dermatologist’s advice.

According to studies, phototherapy is the most effective, and a successful result is guaranteed in almost 80% of cases. And that is exactly what everyone who has suffered from acne wishes for.

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