Rosacea: Types, Causes, Treatment

There are a big variety of skin diseases, some of which are easily treated, and others that are more complicated. One of the complicated ones is rosacea, which covers the skin with acne. Early diagnosis helps to stop the disease and keep it under control.


The first sign of the disease is minor skin redness. If the conditions get worse, then you might notice some other symptoms, such as:

  • severe burning and tingling;
  • redness, that will not go away for a long time;
  • getting ”capillary grid” on the skin;
  • papules and pustules.

In most cases, rosacea is very recognizable, and any experienced dermatologist can easily diagnose it. In other cases, the disease can be recognized by acne and redness on some parts of the body. Read more about acne treatments:

Types of rosacea

There are four main types of rosacea:

  1. Erythematotelangiectatic, which manifests in redness and hyperemia of blood vessels.
  2. Ocular, which affects the eyes, causing irritation, redness and swollen eyelids.
  3. Papulopustular, manifested in the form of acne, rashes, and specific redness.
  4. Phymatous, causing skin firming with uneven texture.

uvb stop disease


It is quite difficult to understand what exactly causes rosacea. Some of the reasons can be poor ecology, or heredity.

These factors can be the triggers:

  • excessive alcohol consumption,
  • use of corticosteroids (for example, Prednisone),
  • use of drugs to increase blood pressure, causing the expansion of blood vessels,
  • frequent visits of saunas,
  • consumption of extremely hot food or drinks,
  • eating a lot of spicy foods,
  • being in extreme temperature zones,
  • excessive physical exertions,
  • being constantly stressed or depressed,
  • staying in the sun without protection.

Rosacea treatment

The doctor may advise you to write a diary, where you can describe all the changes you experience during the treatment. It must help in tracking the reason, which becomes a trigger for every individual case of disease, to determine those factors and avoid them in the future.

Also, it is very important to control your body temperature. After physical activity or staying in the sun, you should apply a cold compress to your body to cool it down. The best way to cool down is to drink some cold water.

You should remember that our health depends on the state of our nervous system.That’s why we should avoid stresses, and if that isn’t possible, then we have to find other methods that will help us calm down.

One of the most important things we can do is to take all medicines prescribed by the doctor in time. Only by following the doctor’s recommendations can the patient achieve remission. Even if there is no panacea for rosacea, it is still possible to stop and control the disease. In order to do that, it’s important to follow the doctor’s recommendations and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Medicine is constantly being developed, and not too long ago scientists discovered a new method for fighting rosacea – phototherapy for skin or UVB narrowband phototherapy.

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