Knowledge Is Power

    Lack of knowledge can be dangerous. If you or your loved one have some kind of skin disease, you may detect a superstitious fear among people who have had contact with a patient. Instinctively, people recoil from those whose skin doesn’t look normal. If a person doesn’t know about the causes, development, and consequences of the disease, he might ignore the symptoms or treat it wrong. Therefore, we decided to debunk the myths and superstitions and rely only on scientific knowledge.

    Facts and facts

    We often are running out of time. Therefore, we have chosen the convenient format which is a collection of facts.

    After reading one of the articles, you will find out how many percents of the body the skin takes, how much it weighs, whether the skin can hear and what causes “goosebumps” and many more valuable recommendations on skin care.

    Probably everyone knows what vitamins are. Their role in the normal functioning of the different parts of our body is not the same. There are four vitamins that are necessary for the skin.We will talk more about those vitamins and their sources in our articles.

    Learn about eczema

    Eczema is the traditional name for a whole group of diseases. It can be caused by different reasons and have various symptoms, and different ways of treatment. An article on the main types of eczema will help you to figure out the basic things about eczema.

    The development of eczema very often depends on stress. We will tell you why this is happening and, of course, what to do with the aggravation that was triggered by stress.


    We offer a review that includes facts on psoriasis. Learn about how many thousands of years the disease have been known for, which race is more susceptible to the disease, is it contagious, and what are the advantages of psoriasis patients.

    We paid a special attention to an important issue of the connection between hormonal level in women and psoriasis.

    More you know – better you understand, more effective your treatment will be

    More information about foods that can be the risk factors and negatively affect the condition.

    Get ready to fight vitiligo

    Vitiligo still occupies the minds of scientists, because its main cause has not been found yet. Science already has the answers to the majority of the questions. Studies debunk a number of popular myths about this disease.

    Learn the truth about the causes, types, and symptoms of vitiligo, as well as whether it is possible to get rid of the disease for good.

    The best advice

    The fact that the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D and positively affects the course of a number of skin diseases has been known for a long time. The problem is that excessive exposure to the sun cause burns, thickening of the skin, and cancer. Medicine has found the solution – phototherapy. Learn about how it works, what happens and how to use it correctly.

    Of course, many people are worried about the question of whether UVB-phototherapy causes cancer we provided the explanation based on medical research.

    Credible knowledge is very important. It is the key to the successful treatment. Choose the right way that can be provided by knowledge!

    Posted: December 8, 2018 by UVB-lamps Team


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    Here's your chance to leave a comment!

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