Latest Updates on Vitiligo: Treatment and Prevention

Only 1–2% of the world’s population suffers from vitiligo – about 100.000.000 people – way more than anyone could have imagined!

In our blog, you will find a lot of information about vitiligo and treatment recommendations, tips on lifestyle, and a FAQ. Learn more to stay healthy!

Educate Yourself

Some basic information about vitiligo for everyone. Learn more and make life easier for you and people around you.

Here are the most frequent questions about vitiligo, with answers. Is it contagious and is there any treatment? Find more about phototherapy.

Of course, everyone who suffers from vitiligo wants to know the cause. Science does not have one answer, nevertheless, there are a number of very reasonable assumptions. We will describe the reasons, types, and symptoms of vitiligo. Learn more about medical hypotheses on the causes of vitiligo.

Try not to get worried about every little spot on your skin. Symptom description of the early stages of vitiligo is here.

Vitiligo and type I diabetes are related. Here’s why you need to see a doctor when you have discolored skin spots. Don’t take a chance with the development of serious diseases. The most remarkable thing is that vitiligo with diabetes is a completely reversible condition with the right treatment.

All you need to know about treatment

The first question of every patient: is it necessary to treat vitiligo?

Vitiligo requires treatment

Read the article on the link, and you will understand why a visit to the dermatologist is necessary. The second question is whether there is a miraculous cure that will remove the disease once and for all. We offer a scientific explanation for this.

Any skin problem is surrounded by different myths. You can get many curious looks in public places. Myths about the treatment of vitiligo and their debunking.

After the general information about vitiligo, we suggest the review of the treatment methods. The ultimate method is surgery.

Nutrition and skin protection with vitiligo

Although this disease occurs and develops for unknown reasons, the links between climate, diet, clothing, hygiene and skin care are revealed. You can’t stop, but you can slow down the depigmentation of the skin.

A special diet might be needed in order to consume more vitiligo-beneficial products. Several tips on how to protect your skin from the aggravation of the disease.

Vitiligo is not the end of life. It can be treated, and you should take care of your affected skin. Following these simple recommendations might be very helpful.

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