Tattoos and the Health of Your Skin: Things You Want to Know

Today, a tattoo is a trend that captivates both young and older people. However, a tribute to fashion can be a fatal mistake under certain conditions. Let’s talk about the health of your skin and tattoo, and discuss all the details you need to know before getting this fashionable procedure.

Honey and skin care

The benefits of honey have been known for a long time. Its medicinal properties are described in ancient manuscripts. This valuable product is great not only for internal use but also for external use. Life-giving honey Egyptian women used honey to maintain the health of their hair, skin, and nails.

Skin Hygiene and Eczema

Skin plays a protective role in the human body. However, in case of any disease, this function can not be performed properly. A vulnerability can cause a number of pathological conditions, which can lead to serious complications. Eczema is one of those conditions that requires special attention, including hygiene and

Nutrition and Eczema: Triggers That You Should Know About

Eczema is a chronic skin disease, aggravated by the presence of certain factors. You should take into consideration some products before including them in your diet. 40% of the adult population and 30% of children around the world are diagnosed with eczema. Food as a trigger The development of eczema

Workout for Skin: Why Not?

We are used to working on our body, but we completely forget that the skin may also participate in the exercises. Regular training will help in maintaining your skin in a healthy state and prolong youth. Why exercises are good for the skin Sports allow you to have a healthy

What Is Happening To My Skin: 13 Helpful Tips

Skin plays an important role in the normal functioning of the human body. However, taking bad care for your skin can lead to serious disorders and health issues. Sometimes we do not pay enough attention to our skin, and as a result, we face a problem. Let’s discuss the most

Daily Eczema Skin Routine

Skin diseases not only bring cosmetic, but also physical discomfort. Frequent relapses and complications affect health and lifestyle, in general. Let’s talk about daily care of eczema affected skin and how to extend the period of remission. What does eczema look like Eczema is a severe chronic allergic disease with

How to Maintain a Beautiful Skin If You Have Psoriasis

Skin represents a person’s health state. In the case of skin disease, the appearance and self-esteem might change for the worse, which often leads to negative feelings and psychological issues. What’s happening Psoriasis is an incurable disease, but it’s possible to achieve a stable remission. The main complaint is sore

Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Skin

Skin is not only for the protection of internal organs, but also one of the primary beauty assets. The health of the skin depends on many factors, some of which we never hear about. Ten interesting facts about skin Did you know that: Skin is 16% of the entire human

Eczema Diet: 8 Foods That Help

Eczema is an allergic disease with frequent relapses and skin manifestations. Eczema is a problem for the population of the entire globe. It affects not only the adult population, but also children. The starting point is often food. We would like to discuss this problem for better understanding of which

Know Your Enemy: Top 15 Facts About Psoriasis

Psoriasis is not just a skin disease, but also an autoimmune illness. The severity of the pathology is characterized by periodically recurring and developing possible complications. In this article, we will talk about why humans have no cure for psoriasis, and some interesting facts Why is there still no cure

How to Treat Psoriasis Aggravation During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is stressful for a woman’s body, and it is accompanied by physiological and mental changes. During this time, a chronic disease or pathology that had been passive can turn into the aggravation phase. Let’s talk about how to relieve a psoriasis attack in pregnant women. What is the risk

How to Treat Vitiligo in Children?

The first skin symptoms of vitiligo in a child may cause parents to panic. There are many new methods of therapy. However, not each one can be used in pediatrics. Let’s discuss the vitiligo treatment methods in children and whether UVB-lamps are safe for kids. Characteristics of children’s vitiligo Usually,

Stress and Eczema: How to Behave to Beat the Disease

Today, stress is a common factor causing many diseases that become chronic. Eczema is not an exception. How to cope with the disease? Let’s find out more. Briefly about eczema Eczema is a skin disease with an acute onset and chronic course. The disease causes physical discomfort and problems with

What Causes Vitiligo?

Vitiligo has been known to humanity for a long time. Its origin was always related to something mystical. Scientists and doctors are still trying to find the primary cause of this disease, as well as an effective method of treatment. Vitiligo is common, not only among adults, but also with

Vitiligo Treatment During Pregnancy

The birth of a baby is a very emotional experience. Pregnancy is tremendously stressful on the female body, and affects it on many levels. It can also flare-up some chronic conditions, and vitiligo is no exception. How to treat the disease, and why does it appear during pregnancy? Vitiligo and

Vitiligo and Diabetes: How to Choose the Right Treatment?

In most cases, skin diseases are symptoms of other chronic pathologies. Vitiligo is not an exception. It is commonly associated with diabetes mellitus. What are the treatment options in this case? Vitiligo and Diabetes Diabetes is an endocrine disease that is caused by pancreatic dysfunction. The condition is accompanied by

What Foods Can Aggravate Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a type of skin disease. It is characterized by dyschromia– intense discoloration of the epidermis, that looks like an appearance of colorless spots. Vitiligo is difficult to confuse with anything else, it has specific symptoms and is easily recognizable. Science has not figured out what causes it yet,

Early Signs of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is one of the skin diseases that hasn’t been completely studied yet. It is a chronic condition with frequent relapses. Vitiligo can affect people of all ages, but in 70% of cases, it starts at the age of twenty. How to identify the disease at an early stage? Vitiligo:

Food That Is Good for Eczema

Eczema is a chronic skin disease characterized by periods of severe aggravations. Many patients see a connection between eczema flare-ups and food disorders. It is very possible because some symptoms are related to food allergies. Let’s talk about how to maintain an eczema-friendly diet making remission periods last longer. What