Stress and Eczema: How to Control a Disease

Every day we are in a hurry to get things done. We worry we dream, we strive. Whether it’s about domestic chores or problems at work, searching for love or losing the loved ones. All our actions and failures affect our emotional, physical and mental states. Stress affects our health,

Eczema Aggravation During Pregnancy: What Should You Do?

Pregnancy is a black box in terms of female health. Some problems can disappear and while others increase. This also applies to eczema. During pregnancy, eczema can be aggravated by several factors: stress, hormonal fluctuations, diet, etc. If eczema turns into the aggravation phase, sores can be spread around the

Non-Surgical Methods of Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is caused by insufficient production of melanin dye in the skin. The only symptom is the change of the skin color. The absence of physical suffering doesn’t exclude psychological discomfort and problems with social life. Vitiligo must be and can be treated. Surgical methods of treatment are extreme measures.

Foods That Can Aggravate Psoriasis

Many people admit the fact that their diet is related to the condition of their psoriasis. Certain foods or beverages can worsen or improve the symptoms. This connection hasn’t been scientifically proven, however, physicians are providing patients with certain recommendations related to lifestyle and nutrition. The reaction of a patient

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

These remedies are not magical methods which cure everything. They won’t make you forget about psoriasis forever. Actually, it is impossible to cure psoriasis completely yet. These methods are not medications. Medicines must be prescribed by the doctor. Natural remedies are known since the ancient times and can effectively remove

How to Take Care of Dry Scalp in Winter

The problem of dry scalp differs from dandruff and eczema. Dry skin does not cause such intense itching, but nevertheless, it is easily peeled and irritated, and severe dryness weakens hair and enhances hair loss. Everyone faces this at some point in a light or moderate form. In winter, the

8 Easy and Quick Tips to Calm and Sooth a Dry Skin

Dry skin gets easily irritated, with possible blushes and flakes.This type of skin is more vulnerable to a number of skin conditions, such as eczema. Those conditions might deprive the skin’s natural defense, and it loses moisture. Don’t get upset. Some simple rules will help you maintain healthy and moisturized

9 Ways To Keep Eczema Under Control

Allergic conditions, dryness, and high skin sensitivity are often accompanied by eczema. This disease tends to disappear and reappear under the impact of favorable and negative factors. However, it is entirely within your power to reduce the number of aggravations and make the interval between them longer. Stick to the

Top 4 Vitamins for Healthy Skin

Vitamins are one of the most important components of a healthy diet. Vitamins are responsible for many skin processes. They provide necessary care, make it look younger, reduce imperfections, and prevent cancer. We can’t underestimate the role of vitamins: according to studies by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,

Vitiligo in Winter Time

People who have a diagnosis of vitiligo prefer cold weather to hot, for obvious reasons. During the winter, you don’t have to worry about what to wear to how to hide the white spots on your skin because nobody will notice them under sweaters and jackets. Nobody will inspect your

9 Ways to Take Care of Psoriasis Skin in Cold Weather

Cold weather brings some relief after the summer heat, but it also brings problems for those who suffer from psoriasis. Cold wind and dry air affect the skin, triggering more flaking and irritation. Heavy, warm winter clothes cause itchiness and discomfort. There are several treatment methods for psoriasis damaged skin

Hormones and Psoriasis

There is a popular opinion, that hormonal instability directly affects psoriasis conditions. For example, menopause or pregnancy have a dual effect on the skin: sometimes the disease recedes, and sometimes it worsens. Despite of the numerous studies, there is no scientific explanation yet, that would prove the existing connection between

10 Methods That Help to Fight Psoriasis at Home

It is human nature to believe different rumors and myths. Even if some treatment methods are not scientifically proven, some people insist that they are “helping”. We decided to tell you about ten really effective methods that are going to help in improving the condition of psoriasis. However, it is

7 Risk Factors to Avoid If You Have Psoriasis

If you know about psoriasis firsthand, then you likely know about the risks and triggers which can cause aggravation of the disease. The most well-known ones are «external» – weather, and «internal» – stress. Of course, the causes can vary individually since we are all different, and every person has

Massage for Psoriasis: Is It Safe?

Psoriasis is a quite common chronic skin condition that causes scaling and inflammation. Massage procedures can reduce the inflammation and provide stress relief to improve the effect from the treatment you can also use phototherapy for skin diseases at the same time. As many as 30 percent of people with

How Does Phototherapy Work?

Phototherapy is a treatment method based on using the light. Sun irradiation has been widely used in medicine for many years already, it has been proven by scientists, that UV-irradiation (especially UVA and UVB light) is very effective in treatment process of some skin diseases. How it works UV-rays are

Nail Fungus Treatment with Phototherapy

There are many types of nail diseases that everyone has experienced at least once during their life. Some of them are quite complicated and difficult to cure, while others are harmless. The good news is that medicine is constantly developing, and new treatment methods appear constantly, one of them is

How to Treat Acne with Phototherapy

About 85% of teenagers suffer from acne, 15% of them in severe form. More often it’s a problem for teenagers, but some people experience acne at an older age. In any case, the disease looks unattractive and affects social life and self-esteem. So what is acne and how can it

Eczema Types and Effective Methods of Treatment

Eczema is a name for a dermatitis group of different origins. There are several main types of this disease that cause redness and itching on different parts of the body. Eczema: what is it? Contact dermatitis is considered to be an allergic reaction, because any small touch opens the pores

Rosacea: Types, Causes, Treatment

There are a big variety of skin diseases, some of which are easily treated, and others that are more complicated. One of the complicated ones is rosacea, which covers the skin with acne. Early diagnosis helps to stop the disease and keep it under control. Symptoms The first sign of