Causes and Symptoms of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a medical condition in which the body attacks melanocyte cells on a certain area of the skin, causing the appearance of discolored blotches. The location and size of those spots may vary in every case. If vitiligo is not treated, the damaged skin areas may remain permanently discolored,

Surgical Methods of Vitiligo Treatment

So many methods were invented and tested to cure vitiligo. Unfortunately, none of them can provide a 100% guaranteed result, including Narrowband UVB Phototherapy. Here we will talk about surgical methods of vitiligo treatment. For some people, it can be the only way to cure the disease. The main purpose

Vitiligo: Get the Facts on Treatment

Many people diagnosed with «vitiligo» are not sure how to properly take care of their skin. Read more about vitiligo symptoms and causes: The skin becomes very vulnerable to many negative factors. First of all, you should remember several simple rules: Since the affected skin should be protected from

Why is vitiligo so important to treat?

The way a person feels in society is very important for developing a self-esteem and healthy relationships. Vitiligo is a disease that hasn’t been completely studied yet. The symptoms include an appearance of the colorless areas of the skin of different shapes and locations. Recently, the effectiveness of UVB lamp

Vitiligo: myths and facts

Vitiligo is a disease that has no risk to human life, but it can cause serious discomfort. There is not considered to be a cure for vitiligo, but that isn’t quite true. There are some methods for noticeably improving the condition. This information is about vitiligo treatment myths. One, two,

How to detect whether or not your child has an eczema?

Eczema is quite a common condition among babies. It shows up as a bunch of red flaky spots on the skin. The disease is easily treated, and usually goes away with age. But if you noticed a suspicious rash or itch, certainly visit a pediatrician – don’t practice self-healing. What

How to prevent psoriasis aggravation

Psoriasis is a disease requiring mandatory medical intervention. But prevention of disease aggravation often depends on patients themselves. Some advice on psoriasis outbreak prevention: Dry skin aggravates symptoms, that’s why you should use moisturizing lotions and thick oily creams, retaining subcutaneous moisture. Applying cream on affected skin area and wrapping

Vitiligo nbUVB Treatment Protocol

By John E. Harris, MD, PhD and Mark Scharf, MD The success of narrowband UVB (311-312) therapy for vitiligo was first reported by Westerhof and Nieuweboer – Krobotova in 1997. Yones et al. reported superiorefficacy of nbUVB over PUVA in 2007. No evidence – based guidelines for treatment have been

UVB and skin cancer – is dangerous? The answer appears to be no

Authors: Ben Lebwohl, Harvard College, and John Y. M. Koo, M.D. University of California. Ultraviolet light B, which is recognized as a carcinogen (a cancer-causing agent) in sunlight, consists of wavelengths similar to those administered in UVB phototherapy. Does UVB treatment increase one’s risk of developing malignant melanoma or other

How to treat scalp psoriasis at home? UV light as your best friend and worst enemy

Let’s put it straight from the very beginning – psoriasis is a gene-based illness that affects the skin regeneration process on the cellular level. Modern medical science doesn’t propose a way to get cured of it completely, but there are quite sure methods allowing the diseased to stop the spreading

How to stop psoriasis? The leprosy of XX century

That’s not accurate as for today – leprosy and psoriasis have nothing in common but the fact that the skin is affected. But a few centuries ago they wouldn’t see the difference and be completely sure that all skin diseases are contagious. It’s true that a person with psoriatic skin

How to get rid of psoriasis? Beating the undefeatable foe

Dermatologists often become very rich, because they never run out of patients to treat. Most skin illnesses are believed to be highly improbable to cure once and for all. But are they really that incurable? Or do the doctors just suck money out of the patients’ pockets? Here are a

How to control vitiligo – a FAQ

Yes, there actually are frequently asked questions about vitiligo treatment, but mostly because people often feel uncomfortable asking them, we’d like to prepare a few answers. This is just a basic Q&A, so if you want to know more – contact your local dermatologist. Q: Can vitiligo be cured completely?

How is vitiligo treated? Is the treatment any good?

These are the two questions usually asked by people with vitiligo because this illness affects one’s life really hard. Even those who know that it’s just a non-contagious skin disease, feel uncomfortable even just shaking hands with its victims. Vitiligo is a bane of normal social life, besides, it can’t

UV Clinics – psoriasis help or cancer trade

It is a fact, that UV light can cause skin cancer. Direct sunlight as well as tanning booths has already caused a lot of trouble. Statistically, melanoma (and that is the not the most common skin cancer) is caused by the wish for a fast tan in 15.7% cases! It

How to treat scalp psoriasis?

It’s a frustrating illness, especially on the psychological and ethical level. At one end we get an understanding that it looks horrible and is disgusting for the people around while on the other side – a mixture of feelings of compassion and repulsion (even though they know that it’s not

How to treat vitiligo?

Myths, reality and different views Less than one percent of earth’s population falls victim to this hideous dermal disease – vitiligo. But let’s look at the fact – 1% of 7 000 000 000 people is 70 000 000! That’s like a population of an entire country. Anyway, the disease

How to Deal With Eczema in Winter

Winter can be a challenging time of year for individuals who suffer with skin disorders such as atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema) and psoriasis. It is this time of year when the air is dry that skin conditions tend to flare up or worsen. Eczema is a skin disorder

Sunlight and Vitamin D

Did you know that the sun provides important conditions that keeps us healthy? This includes the ability for our body to produce essential levels of vitamin D when our skin absorbs natural sunlight, and, in doing so, decreases our risk of certain diseases such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. The

Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

You or someone you know might struggle with negative body image – a shameful feeling or perception about how you look, as well as how you perceive the way other people see you. Negative body image can be the result of many different factors, and pinpointing the root cause is