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Psoriasis is a quite severe and complicated chronic skin disease. However, it is not so rare. According to an IFPA study in 2010, 125,000,000 people suffer from psoriasis, which is every 25th person on the planet. We have written many articles about psoriasis, which include general information about the disease

All about the skin problems and the treatment in one article

It’s hard to fir a big amount of information into one article, but we did it. Now you can easily find the articles and narrow your search to the topic that interests you. Knowledge is power Did you know that our skin weighs about 40 kg, some of its cells

What Is The Difference Between Nail Psoriasis and Fungal Infection

Our hands can tell about the lifestyle we live, habits we have, and most importantly, about the state of our health. Changes in the nail structure can be a sign of numerous diseases that are difficult to determine. Let’s talk about the differences between nail psoriasis and fungal infection, or

What Is Guttate Psoriasis: Differences from Other Forms and How to Treat

The psoriasis researchers discover new types of the disease that are less studied, which makes the determination of exact diagnosis difficult to determine. Guttate psoriasis is one of these less known forms. What it is, how it is different from other forms, and how to treat it. What is guttate

Eczema and Psoriasis: What Is The Difference?

Mistakes made during self-treatment are common because not everyone has a medical education. We trust the internet, neighbors, and relatives, or we find “reliable” information from other sources. This attitude can damage our health and aggravate the disease. The article will help you understand the differences between eczema and psoriasis.

How to Maintain a Beautiful Skin If You Have Psoriasis

Skin represents a person’s health state. In the case of skin disease, the appearance and self-esteem might change for the worse, which often leads to negative feelings and psychological issues. What’s happening Psoriasis is an incurable disease, but it’s possible to achieve a stable remission. The main complaint is sore

Know Your Enemy: Top 15 Facts About Psoriasis

Psoriasis is not just a skin disease, but also an autoimmune illness. The severity of the pathology is characterized by periodically recurring and developing possible complications. In this article, we will talk about why humans have no cure for psoriasis, and some interesting facts Why is there still no cure

How to Treat Psoriasis Aggravation During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is stressful for a woman’s body, and it is accompanied by physiological and mental changes. During this time, a chronic disease or pathology that had been passive can turn into the aggravation phase. Let’s talk about how to relieve a psoriasis attack in pregnant women. What is the risk

Foods That Can Aggravate Psoriasis

Many people admit the fact that their diet is related to the condition of their psoriasis. Certain foods or beverages can worsen or improve the symptoms. This connection hasn’t been scientifically proven, however, physicians are providing patients with certain recommendations related to lifestyle and nutrition. The reaction of a patient

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

These remedies are not magical methods which cure everything. They won’t make you forget about psoriasis forever. Actually, it is impossible to cure psoriasis completely yet. These methods are not medications. Medicines must be prescribed by the doctor. Natural remedies are known since the ancient times and can effectively remove

9 Ways to Take Care of Psoriasis Skin in Cold Weather

Cold weather brings some relief after the summer heat, but it also brings problems for those who suffer from psoriasis. Cold wind and dry air affect the skin, triggering more flaking and irritation. Heavy, warm winter clothes cause itchiness and discomfort. There are several treatment methods for psoriasis damaged skin

Hormones and Psoriasis

There is a popular opinion, that hormonal instability directly affects psoriasis conditions. For example, menopause or pregnancy have a dual effect on the skin: sometimes the disease recedes, and sometimes it worsens. Despite of the numerous studies, there is no scientific explanation yet, that would prove the existing connection between

10 Methods That Help to Fight Psoriasis at Home

It is human nature to believe different rumors and myths. Even if some treatment methods are not scientifically proven, some people insist that they are “helping”. We decided to tell you about ten really effective methods that are going to help in improving the condition of psoriasis. However, it is

7 Risk Factors to Avoid If You Have Psoriasis

If you know about psoriasis firsthand, then you likely know about the risks and triggers which can cause aggravation of the disease. The most well-known ones are «external» – weather, and «internal» – stress. Of course, the causes can vary individually since we are all different, and every person has

Massage for Psoriasis: Is It Safe?

Psoriasis is a quite common chronic skin condition that causes scaling and inflammation. Massage procedures can reduce the inflammation and provide stress relief to improve the effect from the treatment you can also use phototherapy for skin diseases at the same time. As many as 30 percent of people with

How to prevent psoriasis aggravation

Psoriasis is a disease requiring mandatory medical intervention. But prevention of disease aggravation often depends on patients themselves. Some advice on psoriasis outbreak prevention: Dry skin aggravates symptoms, that’s why you should use moisturizing lotions and thick oily creams, retaining subcutaneous moisture. Applying cream on affected skin area and wrapping

How to treat scalp psoriasis at home? UV light as your best friend and worst enemy

Let’s put it straight from the very beginning – psoriasis is a gene-based illness that affects the skin regeneration process on the cellular level. Modern medical science doesn’t propose a way to get cured of it completely, but there are quite sure methods allowing the diseased to stop the spreading

How to stop psoriasis? The leprosy of XX century

That’s not accurate as for today – leprosy and psoriasis have nothing in common but the fact that the skin is affected. But a few centuries ago they wouldn’t see the difference and be completely sure that all skin diseases are contagious. It’s true that a person with psoriatic skin

How to get rid of psoriasis? Beating the undefeatable foe

Dermatologists often become very rich, because they never run out of patients to treat. Most skin illnesses are believed to be highly improbable to cure once and for all. But are they really that incurable? Or do the doctors just suck money out of the patients’ pockets? Here are a

UV Clinics – psoriasis help or cancer trade

It is a fact, that UV light can cause skin cancer. Direct sunlight as well as tanning booths has already caused a lot of trouble. Statistically, melanoma (and that is the not the most common skin cancer) is caused by the wish for a fast tan in 15.7% cases! It

How to treat scalp psoriasis?

It’s a frustrating illness, especially on the psychological and ethical level. At one end we get an understanding that it looks horrible and is disgusting for the people around while on the other side – a mixture of feelings of compassion and repulsion (even though they know that it’s not